January 12, 2020
Jeff Hunt encourages to focus on others - The Great Commission. Millions of people are struggling with guilt and unforgiveness and have no way to deal with it. People are…

Hope in the Hallelujah

December 22, 2019
Hallelujah: PRAISE BE THE LORD! Jesus is our Perfect King, and He is worthy of our Hallelujah. Learn the beauty behind this word of praise
Dave McCarthy speaks on Hope in the Next Generation. Raising up the next generation of Christ followers and how to empower others.

Don’t Give Up! Don’t Quit!

November 24, 2019
Pam Snitko, our prayer leader, shares a wonderful message: Stay in faith and your circumstances will change. You might get knocked down but get up, never give up and never…
In the final message in the book of James, Jeff Hunt speaks on the theme of double-mindedness found in the book of James. We learn about the characteristics, the consequences…

Grace and Truth –

September 29, 2019
There has always been a tension between grace and truth. Pastor Jon challenges us to be a Church that refuses to let go of either grace or truth!