The Power of Potential

January 24, 2021
Today Jeff Hunt will be explaining how the power of potential can change your life.

Joy – Joy At Its Core

December 20, 2020
Joy is a choice and if we look in the right places we can definitely find joy. However, there might be some things in our lives trying to steal our…
Unresolved trauma is the root cause for many physical, emotional, and relational problems. Watch as Jeff Hunt delivers a powerful message on how to overcome conscious and subconscious trauma, so…
We can learn from our mistakes or other's. King David's most memorable failure is a great lesson on what to do when things go wrong.
Who Needs God? Perhaps Everyone Perhaps Nobody Perhaps we should talk about it. In Part 1 of this series, Jeff Hunt addresses the fact that if you walk away from…
Pain and suffering is inevitable, however having meaning and purpose will help you get through it! Discover your purpose and make a difference.