New to New Day?

Thank you for coming to New Day! Out of all the things you could be doing and all the churches you could be attending, you chose New Day. We are very aware and appreciative of that; therefore, we aim to make sure you encounter God in an inspirational, informative, and uplifting way. Here at New Day, our mission is to:

"Raise up the next generation of Christ-followers."

We do that through empowering people who empower others. The word "empower" might be overused these days, but it truly is a dynamic word. It has three parts to it:
1. to be equipped and trained for a specific mission
2. to be motivated and invigorated
3. to be given authority to achieve that mission
So if you are looking for any of that in your life, then New Day is the place for you!

What to expect

Our Sunday services start at 10 AM promptly and go for about an hour and a half. However, we encourage you to come early and enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee or water. Doors open at 9 AM. You will hear contemporary music (with some classics), and you will notice that most will be dressed in casual attire.

Child Care

Raising up the next generation of Christ-followers means new believers. That being said, we are especially focused on the actual next generation, which would be our children. New Day Kids and New Day Kids Junior are wonderful programs that instill Christian values in a fun and engaging way. Click here to learn more about our children’s ministry.

Small GRoups

A small group is an intentional gathering of people who meet regularly. Since God designed us for relationships, we believe God will help us grow through the connections made in small groups. People form groups around what matters in their lives. Perhaps it involves connecting with people who share similar interests, individuals who are at the same stage in life, or with those who have experience in an area in which you want to grow. Small groups are also where we pray for each other and support each other. Groups meet once a week in locations all around our city; with many groups to choose from, we believe there is a group out there for you.


As Christians, we are called to make a difference in this world. At New Day, we can help you discover your gifts through Next Steps and encourage you to use them. We want to radiate Christ's love by giving back to our community and we do this at least once a month through Saturday SERVE events. Check out Next Steps or our Events page to learn more.

Message from Pastor Jon

Please fill out the following information so we can connect! It’s also a great way to ask questions, address concerns, or ask for the prayers that have been on your heart. If you do, you’ll be able to choose from a list of charities we support and we will make a donation of you behalf.

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