May 3, 2020

Who Needs God? – The Bible Tells Me So Jesus

Passage: Luke 3:1-2

Pastor Jon continues the Who Needs God Series with a in depth look at where we place our the bible or in Jesus. Christianity doesn't exist because of the bible, the bible exists because of Christianity. Tune in to find out why that's an important fact to know.


One Comment on “Who Needs God? – The Bible Tells Me So Jesus”

  1. Christianity does not exist / did not come about because of the Bible, rather the Bible and Christianity exist because Jesus Christ really, truly exists (and is all he claimed to be). Truly that is amazing grace. I further summarize:

    The Bible came into existence due to Christians having gathered all manner of documents (in most cases written and preserved independently of each other) with the intention of binding together into a single book of books (and letters etc) all first-hand evidences of Jesus having actually existed and carried out the actions and spoken as those contemporary witnesses reported.

    Also included were all documents that could at the time be gathered which elaborate upon who Jesus is and claimed to be and which were judged to be trustworthy enough to be worth including.

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